Kimchi Pancakes

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In Hawaii we have Asian cuisine down! Mexican and Italian food is another post, for another day… This recipe comes from years of researching (read: eating) these savory pancakes that have originated in Korea. Every cuisine has its’ version of the savory “pancake”: latkes, blinis, mu shu, chive pancakes, pita, roti…

KimChi Pancake with Dipping Sauce

KimChi Pancake with Dipping Sauce

When the topic came up about traveling to Japan, Taiwan, or say Korea to try the cuisine, I was informed that “we have the best of all Asian food here in Hawaii. Why go to Asia for food?” While this is a good point, you also get the culture along with the food when you actually eat the cuisine in the country it originated.  As least that was my story, and I was sticking to it.

Here is my version of kimchi pancakes, well, actually two versions:


1 Cup                       Flour

1 Cup                       Kim Chi, Chopped

3/4 Cup                    Water (For added heat, use liquid from the kimchi)

3 TBS                       Egg Whites or 1 Whole Egg

2 TBS                       Chives, Chopped 3/4″

1/2                            Uzumaki, (fishcake) Sliced (optional)

Vegetable Oil

Ingredients for Kimchi Pancakes

Ingredients for Kimchi Pancakes

Mix the pancake batter first, then add the rest of the ingredients, except for the uzumaki and vegetable oil.

Kimchi Pancake Batter Before Adding Kimchi, Chives, and Uzumaki

Kimchi Pancake Batter Before Adding Kimchi, Chives, and Uzumaki

For the regular kimchi pancake: add 1 TBS oil to a 8″ sauté pan on medium heat, then add 1/2 of the batter to the pan and cook until browned on one side about 5-7 minutes and flip over to cook the other side about another 5 minutes.

For the uzumaki kimchi pancake: after putting the batter in the pan, add the uzumaki to the top of the pancake, then flip and lower the heat to medium low and cook for 7 minutes checking to make sure the uzumaki is not over cooking.

This recipe will make two 8″ pancakes.

Kimchi Pancake with Uzumaki

Kimchi Pancake Before Flipping with Uzumaki

Serve with the following dipping sauce on the side.

Pancake Dipping Sauce:

4 TBS         Low Sodium Shoyu

4 tsp           Mirin

2 tsp          Chili Garlic Sauce

2 tsp          Sesame Oil

2 tsp          Light Brown Sugar

Mix all ingredients together and spoon a little over the pancakes before serving.

There are two things about the recipe that I changed, the eggs and the addition of table salt.  I’m not a fan of either of those ingredients, not that they are bad, they are necessary for all aspects of cooking and baking.  When I can, I eliminate adding table salt and whole eggs to recipes.  So, dear reader, if you would like to add salt to the pancake recipe, .5 tsp should be enough for the pancake served with the dipping sauce.

Enjoy and Aloha!